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Shungite Infused EMF Blocker

Shungite Infused EMF Blocker

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The Whole House EMF Neutralizer Wall Unit (with Shungite) by Paul Esch-Vital Creations


Feel more: *Grounded, *Balanced, *Relaxed, *Improve Sleep & *Overall Well–Being. Strengthens and attunes to your own body’s electrical field while decreasing the unhealthy effects from unnatural electrical interferences. Even pets become calmer.


*This unique wall unit transmits @ a 30’ radius. The Shungite, an ancient natural carbon mineral, absorbs and neutralizes some of the EMF through its pure hollow carbon molecules or fullerenes along with other natural frequencies that are in harmony with your own body’s electrical/ magnetic system. Light emanating from the unit charges the atmosphere with balancing frequencies through Shungite transmission help override 5G, electrical pollution-EMF, WIFI and other man-made interferences ( by introducing healthy frequencies transmitted through Scalar waves (, magnetic waves (, sound waves and through eight different color LED lights (


How it works:

Plug unit into any wall outlet and experience an attunement or syncing up to all the light and energetic frequencies (or good vibes) we need for optimum function. In addition, these “good vibes” radiate out 30’ harmonizing our environment. The key is the Shungite pulsing action of the 8 colored rainbow lights & ALL the natural frequencies ( PEMF from 0-infinity including Schumann resonance & scalar) that balances the flow of life’s energy or “Qi” including all acupuncture points, meridians, chakras etc. within and around us.  

As if re-charging a battery or fine tuning an instrument, the Shungite wall unit tunes you into a wholistic quantum field resonance, or natural blueprint to which our body “entrains” or re-attunes itself restoring our memory of wholeness.


Recommended use:

Plug into a wall outlet wherever you spend time in your home: especially the bedroom, main living room, work area/office. If the flashing lights bother you, simply place a cover or tape over the unit. It will not interfere with the frequencies.


Why EMF protection?

Cell phones, 5G, and WIFI, have NEVER been tested for safety.  It is like an invisible virus that poisons and effects every person, living thing and cell disrupting natural health and function including our planet’s atmosphere without our knowledge. Considered the #1 global health concern, there is overwhelming evidence of a definite relationship to the introduction of radar, radio, electricity, cell phones & WIFI with a history on the rise in disease and epidemics globally (including Cov-19). References: UTube: Coronavirus Caused by 5G with Joshua Coleman. The Invisible Rainbow by Authur Firstenberg, For children & safe technology ,  EMF*D 5Gby Dr. Mercola, Overpowered By Dr. Martin Blank…just Google EMF


*Disclaimer: This unit is for your personal exploration and educational purposes only in support of rebalancing your energy field. It is not a medical device nor is it intended to be a substitute for medical treatment, diagnose, treat nor cure disease. Please consult your licensed health professional for any health concerns. No claims are made, and individual results may vary.


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