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Mini Tesla Rejuvenator

Mini Tesla Rejuvenator

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Inspired by the scientist Nikola Tesla, Raymond Rife, Lakovsky and other scientist concerning Terahertz technology.   


 Since the universe is made up over 90% Electric plasma Energy along with hydrogen, electrons, protons, atoms and all the other finer elements that make up this universe, it makes sense that the physical body can restore itself in the presence of a concentrated Electric magnetic plasma field which is created by a tesla coil.

Electric Energy field generators are not new, has been around for a long time, in the 1920s has been used in many hospitals for treating almost any kind of ailments. Nikola Tesla, Raymond Rife and many others therapist use electric energy plasma fields in their clinics.


In this handheld rejuvenator we have two Tesla coils that creates an electrical plasma field

around 100,000V. With the four digit display you can enter in Rife frequencies such as 0528Hz

for repairing DNA damage. Along with two Tesla coils, frequency display is a terahertz blue lights for all kinds of therapeutic balancing. With all above we added Shungite along with an international patent sweep chip which helps to override EMF and any other disturbance.


How does the sweep chip work?

 Like fine tuning an instrument, a specialized programed series of frequencies referred to as the “sweep chip” (a one of a kind of PEMF) tunes up the body. The “sweep chip” uses 1-2,000Hz Scalar Waves & PEMF plus an infinite harmonic series of frequencies that sweep through a terahertz lights. This supports the natural attuning or entraining the body to a greater vibrational field of wholeness based on Quantum Physics. It’s like filling in “gaps” or distortions and interference in our cellular communication caused by unnatural and manmade means. The series terahertz LEDs sweeping from side to side represent the different frequencies that align with the energetic distribution centers in the body also referred to as acupuncture points, meridians, bio fields, or chakras.

For example like in a piano when addressing the law of resonance, when it sweeps back and forth & up and down the musical scale, every split second you are hitting a frequency or a harmonic of that frequency that your body is calling for. Like a multiple vitamin, your body will absorb the nutrients “frequencies” that it needs.



Anti-aging booster

Restore cellular communication

Helps to relieve pain

Emotional clearing

Brings balance to the meridians and the energy centers, sometimes known as chakras

Boost up the immune system

Life force intensified for sure


General Information for Left & Right Plates on top of Control Panel

The right plate - is a sophisticated health tool capable of multiple applications.  It can:


1      Make electronic duplicates of homeopathic remedies.

2      Make vibrational antidotes to chemicals, poisons, allergies and energy blockages.


The lift/right plates are a bio-field regulator. The left plate is a Sensing plate, it detects frequency or vibrational “essence” wave pattern of whatever is placed on the left plate. The detected information is then run through amplifiers and is transferred to the right plate and also client’s body.  The information is electro-magnetically imprinted into a blank or neutral substance (2 or 4 oz. of purified water with optional couple drops of colloidal silver) that is placed on the right plate.

Place small sample on herb, vitamin, or substance, etc., on top of left plate or proper combination of remedies on the left plate. These energy patterns from the Remedy lift plate will flow and penetrate through the body while therapy is ON


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