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Shield Protector

Shield Protector

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The SHIELD PROTECTOR is one-of-a-kind. Prevents all unwanted frequencies from entering your field and your car. Whether it be from government transmissions, Radionic warfare/psychic attacks, outside earth influences such as grid lay-lines, underground streams, geopathic stress, radiation, EMF fields from house wiring, computers and all electrical equipment.


The SHIELD PROTECTOR strengthens your own biological energy field by balancing all meridians, acupuncture points and centers in the body. How does it work? Just plug it into any USB port and the SHIELD PROTECTOR generates frequencies through 8 colors, scaler wave magnetic field, and RF transmissions.


How it Works

 Like fine tuning an instrument, a specialized programed series of frequencies referred to as the “sweep chip” (a one of a kind of PEMF) tunes up the body. The “sweep chip” uses 1-2,000Hz Scalar Waves & PEMF plus an infinite harmonic series of frequencies that sweep through a rainbow of 8 color lights. This supports the natural attuning or entraining the body to a greater vibrational field of wholeness based on Quantum Physics. It’s similar to filling in “gaps” or distortions and interference in our cellular communication caused by unnatural and manmade means. The series of 8 colors sweeping from side to side represent the different frequencies that align with the energetic distribution centers in the body also referred to as acupuncture meridians, bio fields, and chakras. This one of a kind technology was developed in 2000 and was internationally patented in 2010. It has been used successfully in a variety of therapeutic devices.

For example like in a piano when addressing the law of resonance, when it sweeps back and forth & up and down the musical scale, every split second you are hitting a frequency or a harmonic of that frequency that your body is calling for. Like a multiple vitamin, your body will absorb the nutrients “frequencies” that it needs. Like on a piano you have 12 steps on the keyboard, which repeats itself. For example, when starting with a low C and as you go up the scale 12 steps what happens when you hit the 13th key it's back to the key of C, but it's at a higher octave. And these octaves on the musical scale keep going higher and higher and higher and then it's go beyond the hearing range into the megahertz and gigahertz because it's the law of resonance. Another example is that you can hold down the low C without making it ring and hit a high C which will cause both Cs to oscillate because it is the law of resonance. Same way with a tuning forks, if you vibrate or strike a low C  & bring a  high C tuning fork close to it they will both oscillate in sync because of the law of resonance. The same thing happens with the “SP” which causes the meridians to oscillate like strings on the musical piano bringing harmony, balance and wholeness in the body plus environment. This is all accomplished through lights, magnetic coils and scalar waves. As the frequencies are oscillating through the lights it causes the iris of the eyes to oscillate bringing balance to the body. What is amazing is that the light waves are bouncing off the walls bringing harmony to the environment. Scalar waves are known to open up portals to higher spheres releasing higher energies into the physical dimension for balance and restoration. Visit www.

Most of you have heard of EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, with the “SP” you can experiment using the EFT protocol while observing the lights for around 1 min without tapping on the body& many individuals report having the same results as if manually tapping on the EFT points of the body. Remember, with the “SP you are tapping into all the acupuncture points, meridians and centers in the body continually.


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