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Shungite Red Light

Shungite Red Light

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All the benefits of shungite!


We have been handling red light therapy pens since 1988.  In 2019 we added Shungite to the circuitry which really amplified the effectiveness of the red-light therapy. Also, this unit has 3 modes: bright mode, soft mode, and a pulsing mode. We like the light PULSE mode because it seems to have a greater effect of balancing the body. It has been scientifically proven that this red light has the same wavelength of a healthy blood cell which is around 632nm. This red light does not stimulate or sedate, it does not give or take away energy, but it does normalize and balance the body back to homeostasis. For example, so many people today are carrying stress in their shoulders and over time the body thinks that is normal. When shining the red light on the shoulders, the muscles regain the cellular memory of what is normal. In other words, the red light helps the body to remember its healthy state.  

 Everybody has red blood cells which should be at the normal wavelength 632nm.




Self reported BENEFITS:

* Improves Memory   * Enhances Circulation   * Balances Hormones  * Boosts Immune System
* Alleviates Stress and Pain   * Increases Digestion Efficiency
* Normalizes and balances the entire body


Self reported Personal Use & Exploration:


Hold light on temple & rotatein little counter clockwise/backwards circles towards top of ear for 2/3 minutes each side of head.

Water energizing enhancement

Shine light into water for 14 seconds before drinking.

Energize Food

Place light over food approx. 12" (1') and rotate light clockwise for ten seconds, with one rotation per second. Rebalances,

                         polarizes and re-energizes food especially when micro waved.

Circulation & Blood Purification
Hold the "Pen Light" on your navel, pointing towards the spine, for 20 minutes. This exposes all the blood in your body to the healing light. During the 20 min. affirm or declare that “Healthy Royal Blood Now Flows Through My Veins.”


Hearing & ear issues: Hold light directed into ear canal for 15 minutes minimum in each ear.


Open wounds

Shine Pen Light directly into wound as often as you can until skin forms over wound.


Shine light directly into effected area till pain subsides.

Emotional Release

Lay on your back or in a standing position & point light at approximately 2&1/2 inches below end of breastbone in the solar plexus area using 3-5 lbs of pressure. Press the LED Pen Light inward towards the spine and hold for 3 to 5 minutes.


Use light on outer edges of ears for 2 minutes each ear.

Homeopathic Remedy Transfer

Shine light through remedy into water for 8 seconds, then drink.


Re-balance Chakras/ vital energy centers in the body

Just place light over each chakras for a minute or two.


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